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  • Entrepreneurship Skills for Stove Builders

    Nepal Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP) together with Inclusive Development of the Economy (INCLUDE) Programme and the Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal (FECOFUN) will provide entrepr...

  • Study tour on EE in Commercial and Residential Buildings

    A study tour on "Energy Efficiency in Commercial and Residential Buildings" has been organized from 19 August to 23 August 20l3 in New Delhi, lndia by Regional Energy Efficiency Programme (REEP) of...

  • Commissioning of Studies on Biomass Energy Strategy

    Nepal Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP) has commissioned a study related to biomass energy. The  overall objective of this assignment is to assist the Government of Nepal through the Water ...

  • Commissioning of Studies on Energy Efficiency

    Nepal Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP) has commissioned two macro level studies related to energy efficiency. Both of these studies are commissioned under NEEP component – policy advice a...

  • Regional Dialogue on Energy Auditing Schemes

    A “Regional Dialogue on Energy Auditing Schemes” concluded in Kathmandu today.  The three day event (13-15 May 2013) was attended by more than 30 policy makers, experts and represe...

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What is
Energy Efficiency?
Energy Efficiency, is the goal of efforts to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services.
(In short terms: Do more with less)
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