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Energy Efficiency Market
Energy Efficiency Market

Along with growing prominence of energy efficiency in the country achieved in the past, the second phase of NEEP focuses on horizontal and vertical widening of the energy efficiency market. The Energy Efficiency Center (EEC) under the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as energy efficiency units at District Chamber of Commerce and Industry in various districts continue to provide energy efficiency services not only to industrial sectors but also to energy intensive public infrastructure. In addition to energy intensive industries, the services are provided to small scale industries and municipal infrastructures. For this, NEEP closely collaborates with the Nepal Electricity Authority and the Town Development Fund. Along with raising awareness among the stakeholders, EEC provides trainings on energy efficiency both for energy auditors and energy managers. Efforts are made towards creating conducive financial services with participation of local banks for encouraging investment in energy efficiency measures. Moreover, platforms are created with participation of industries, policy makers and academia for sharing their learning experiences.

Working Modality

The successful cooperation with FNCCI in the first phase will be continued. After the establishment of the Energy Efficiency Center – EEC within FNCCI an expansion of energy efficiency advisory services to the districts through the district chambers will take place.

After the training of energy auditors and first accomplished investment grade audits the Nepalese industries have access to a pool of energy efficiency service providers. Apart from the large scale industrial enterprises also small and medium size companies will be encouraged and trained in an energy efficiency operation of their enterprise. Through the Town Development Fund energy efficiency services will also reach the public municipal infrastructure sector.

Through cooperation with FNCCI-EEC energy managers will be trained in international ISO 50001 aspects for energy-intensive industries. In the midterm the first ISO 50001 certification in Nepal will be conducted.

The state utility NEA will be supported by interlinking them with trained auditors and through direct advisory services. NEA will be enabled to offer energy efficiency measures for their large scale customers resulting in an easement of the overloaded national grid system.

The diversification of the advisory services and the expansion of the client groups will create market opportunities with a wide scope for different energy efficiency services and technologies. 

Implementing Agencies & Contact Persons

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerence and Industry (FNCCI) and its Energy Efficiency Center (EEC)

Dr. Uttam Kunwar

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ)             

Cooperating Partners

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)

Town Development Fund (TDF)


Presentations of the "International Seminar on Energy Efficiency", Kathmandu

  1. Uttam Kunwar (FNCCI) - Energy Efficiency in Nepali Industries
  2. Albrecht Kaupp - International Experiences on Energy Efficiency in Industries
  3. Abbas Mahmood - Energy Management System in Industries (Pakistan)
  4. Syed Abdul Jabbar - Energy Management Systems, Experiences from the Industries (Pakistan)

Presentations and Information regarding Energy Efficiency Market

  1. Brief on baseline study findings of selected sector/ industries (2012) - English
  2. Overview on Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) (2012) - English
  3. Energy Saving Potential in selected sectors (2012) - English 
  4. Overview of Cogeneration Opportunities in Nepalese Sugar Sector (2013)

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Energy Efficiency?
Energy Efficiency, is the goal of efforts to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services.
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