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Energy Efficiency Market
Energy Efficiency Market

The component aims at establishing necessary elements of market development for energy efficiency services and energy-efficient products to improve the required economic and financial conditions for strengthening energy efficiency and energy conservation in Nepal. In collaboration with Energy Efficiency Centre of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI) and Town Development Fund (TDF), energy consumers, businesses, communities and cities are advised on the introduction of standardized operational energy management plans. Furthermore, the current range of services offered by the partners (energy audits, energy management consulting) will be extended to provide investment-related advice for the implementation of energy efficiency measures. On the product side, the project advises on establishing digital customer information platforms to promote energy efficient products. Moreover, economically relevant players on an individual, organizational and societal level will be strengthened through awareness raising campaigns, advice, training, and peer learning in networks for the promotion of energy efficiency.

Implementing Agencies & Contact Persons

Energy Efficiency Center (EEC)Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerence and Industry (FNCCI) 

Dr. Uttam Kunwar

Town Development Fund

Mr. Suman Meher Shrestha

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)     

Dr. Sanjay Prasad Gorkhali       

Cooperating Partners

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)

Town Development Fund (TDF)


Elements of market development for energy efficiency services and energy-efficient products have been established.


The followings are major indicators of the component:

  1. 5 large-scale consumers/customers have introduced a standardised energy management plan (e.g. Facility Energy Efficiency Action Plan (FEEAP) for production facilities, or a Local Energy Management Plan (LEMP) for buildings).
  2. A commercial bank has included a financial product for energy efficiency in its product portfolio.
  3. 1 platform with customer-specific information for industry/commerce is available for the promotion of energy-efficient products (e.g. technical equipment, etc.).

Major Activities

The followings are the major activities of the component:

  1. Advise large-scale consumers on the drafting of energy management plans.
  2. Advise financial institutions on the development of financial products for energy efficiency.
  3. Advise on setting up and expanding an internet platform for energy-efficient products.


Presentations of the "International Seminar on Energy Efficiency", Kathmandu

  1. Uttam Kunwar (FNCCI) - Energy Efficiency in Nepali Industries
  2. Albrecht Kaupp - International Experiences on Energy Efficiency in Industries
  3. Abbas Mahmood - Energy Management System in Industries (Pakistan)
  4. Syed Abdul Jabbar - Energy Management Systems, Experiences from the Industries (Pakistan)

Presentations and Information regarding Energy Efficiency Market

  1. Brief on baseline study findings of selected sector/ industries (2012) - English
  2. Overview on Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) (2012) - English
  3. Energy Saving Potential in selected sectors (2012) - English 
  4. Overview of Cogeneration Opportunities in Nepalese Sugar Sector (2013)

What is
Energy Efficiency?
Energy Efficiency, is the goal of efforts to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services.
(In short terms: Do more with less)
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